Sustainable development regarding to energy related issues will be fostered with the RURES activities and directly improve the quality of life in Međimurje County. 

Within Project “RURES” REDEA will:

  • Detect best-practices of alternative financing models for EE and RES measures e.g. with the contribution about novel political participation processes;
  • Invite political decision makers and all relevant actors for the EEP measures from the region of Međimurje to the Local Support Group meetings;
  • Participate at the LSG meetings and further include recommendations gathered to the political processes to ensure the EEP implementation process;
  • Select the feasibility studies for implementing the EEP with alternative financing sources;
  • Implement the pilot measure “Energy efficient administrative building” at the public building;
  • Provide country specific information for the added value calculator;
  • Define framework of all necessary information need to be integrated in the calculator tool so that it can be easily used by public authorities;
  • The transnational exchange especially with further developed regions regarding to RES/EE technologies and financial instruments.