Pilot Site Visit in Porto Marghera Industrial area

Last 8, November GreenerSites partners and their stakehoders took part in a a site visit in the Porto Marghera industrial area in Venice, organized in the framework of the celebrations for the centenary of the foundation of Porto Marghera industrial area.
The first part  focused on a presentation of the exhibition Industriae at the Vega Park - VEnice GAteway for Science and Technology by Foscara Porchia, researcher and expert in Historical Sciences on economic history connected to industrial heritage. The exhibition depicts the history of Porto Marghera focusing on its industrial production. The VEnice GAteway for Science and Technology itself is an example of environmental reconversion and part of the rehabilitation process of Porto Marghera.
Then, the visit continued to the ENI Bio refinery plant, where the Assistant Director, Luca Alburno, explained ENI's history. ENI is the Italian oil and gas company that has been part of Porto Marghera since its earliest days. Eni converted its oil refinery in Porto Marghera to the production of bio-fuel from vegetable oil and biomass. The conversion is not only of environmental and technological significance, but also of economic and social importance, since it allowed to give new life to the plant and guarantee continued employment through innovation. The company invested €200 million to transform the petrochemical plant into an integrated green chemical hub with the aim to guarantee an economically sustainable future for the site and protect employment levels.
During the visit, the GreenerSites partners had the chance to know more about the reconversion project, including the remediation phases, and about the company's environmental management strategy.