Pilot Site Visit in Solec Kuyawski

May 11

photo from the visit

On the 11th of May, GreenerSites partners, experts and invited stakeholders participated in a pilot site visit to former wood preservation plant in Solec Kujawski. The site visit was organised by the Municipality of Solec Kujawski.  The area of 16,44 hectares is located in the eastern part of Solec Kujawski in the central part of the town surrounded by streets and railway tracks in the neighbourhood of a multifamily housing estate and recreation and sports facilities. The land owned by the Municipality is effected by heavy contamination of the terrain with compounds from PAHs, BTEX and Phenols group which forbade even redevelopment for industrial use.

In the period of 2013-2016 the area was subjected to remediation of soil and partially groundwater and it is still undergoing a bioremediation process. Its further revitalisation and reactivation is required in accordance with the needs of the city inhabitants and will be the core of the pilot action which the Municipality of Solec will implement within GreenerSites.

During the visit GreenerSites, partners and invited guests received detailed explanations on the undergoing remediation process and had a chance to ask questions, discuss different issues and exchange views on brownfield management.