PP7 Rotall-Inn and PP6 aMO

Our „Study visit“ in Modena:

Original the visit was planned personally and we were looking forward to it. But unfortunately we couldn’t travel to Modena due to the Corona-crisis.That is why we had our study visit online, but nevertheless it was very interesting and helpful! Andrea and his team showed us a very interesting presentation that gave us an insight into Modena. Oh, we missed spirit of the city –and the taste of the food, that we saw in this presentation. From our side we gave a few information about the public transport here in Rottal-Inn. Andrea and his team gave us also an insight of the region of Modena, the surrounding and the location of the cites, and of course of their work and the Prontobus. It was very interesting to see what’s going on there in Modena. They answered all of our questions very patiently. We definitely missed the personal contact to Andrea and his team and we really hope, that we can meet each other sometime.

study visit in Modena

On-line visit