Workshop on smart IT tools

online workshop

On the 29th of June 2021 the workshop entitled “Digitalization applied to Public Transport in rural regions: MaaS and other IT solutions” was held online. The workshop was organized by UMWW and aMo, supported by BME and T Bridge, with promoters of MaaS4EU and other relevant research projects to exchange ideas about innovative IT tools and interfaces to faciliate offering seamless journey planning in rural regions.

The topics of presentation was:

  • Introduction of RegiaMobil project (by Piotr Kupczyk from Marshal’s Office of the Wielkopolska Region)
  • Improving public transport by using IT tools (by Adam Steindel of Medway sp.z.o.o)
  • Challenges still need to be addressed by MaaS to become a mature "technology" (by Gennaro Ciccarelli from TTS Italia)
  • The Budapest MaaS pilot (by Attila Aba from Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

After the presentations, a roundtable was held concerning the topics covered. The topics covered in the roundtable were the following:

  • Is there a risk that investments made in technologies may divert investment in services because there may be a feeling that ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) make it less important to invest in delivered public transport services?
  • Are the European Projects important for the technological development of public transport?
  • What will be the possible 5G contribution to the development of new ITS and MaaS?

You are interested in these topics, you can read the details HERE.