International conference Public transport

13. – 15. October, Bratislava, Slovakia

In October, another year of the traditional international conference on public passenger transport took place, which gained popularity and an important place in professional circles during its long existence. Especially at this time, when individual passenger transport is still growing and climate change is deteriorating worldwide, it is very important to consider how public passenger transport, which has a significant share in these changes, can contribute to develop sustainable mobility.

The conference provided a space for the exchange of experiences for experts in public administration, universities, research institutes, transport and design organizations and companies dealing with this issue.

Project partners from the Czech Republic presented at the conference the results of the demonstration project RegiaMobil - expansion of the tourist transport system in the South Bohemian Region. The speed of expansion and construction of a functional system and its possibility of financing through the funds of the Interreg CE program has attracted the attention of other Slovak regions, which would like to go in this way. The experience gained from the project therefore fulfills the goal of the program, namely the exchange and transfer of knowledge between other regions of the Central European area.

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