September - October 2021

WP T2 Leader gradually visited each of the six pilot sites in order to evaluate first-hand the implementation of the pilot project and its achievements and problems. Pilot projects vary greatly in implementation from IT to the development of new services in public transport, so the main work of the lead partner was established and common basis for the pilots and documents their results in a unified form. The pilot site visits were planned to take place in every pilot site, while the live demonstration is ongoing. This process could help WP T2 Leader to collect relevant experience regarding the tested solutions and to discuss the evaluation process as well as the further possibilities with the local partners. The Covid-19 pandemic made a schedule change necessary since traveling was impossible in many cases or encountered serious administrative difficulties. Additionally, there were significant delays in almost every pilot activity due to the pandemic. As a final solution, the site visits were organized in September and October 2021 to avoid major delays in the respecting deliverables. This decision brought that live demonstration could be tested only in the South Bohemian region and in Osijek, while significant progress could be tested in Modena, and mature preparation could be discussed in Saxony, Wielkopolska, and Rottal-Inn. The site visits were realized as effective meetings to support the partners with their pilot activities, which were either during the implementation of their ideas, or evaluating the results and plan the post-pilot activities.