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A virtual meeting of the steering group took place on 03.02.2020. The meeting was attended by 8 of the 10 partners of the RegiaMobil project. The aim of this meeting was, in addition to monitoring ongoing and planned activities, the state of the budget, primarily a discussion on how the pandemic situation of COVID 19 affects the implementation of pilot projects.

The monitoring results in the individual packages are as follows:

WPM: In this package, virtually all planned activities have been completed.

WPC: Information about the project through the website has been implemented, and a communication strategy has been developed. The meeting discussed the fulfillment of the Media Clipping task, where the pandemic situation is not conducive to the foreign travels of the film crew, which would document the pilot activities.

WPT1: The required outputs have been created within this package.

WPT2: The activities required so far have been implemented in a timely and proper manner. The biggest problem now is delays in the implementation of pilot projects, which are caused by the pandemic situation. Joit Secretary members are informed of these delays.


SG meeting