Interview with WP T2 leader

Interview with Domi about the project

Dr. Domokos Esztergár-Kiss is a senior lecturer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), and since 2014 he is the international project coordinator of the Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering. His major field of research is the combination of transportation modes and optimization of multimodal travel chains. In the RegiaMobil project, he acts as an experienced leader of work package 2. Despite his demanding program, he took the time to have an interesting conversation.

Domi, can you tell us something about your workplace?

At BME we are dealing with various topics dealing with Mobility as a Service, activity-based modeling, sustainable mobility planning. Connected to these topics we are very active in participating in EU funded proposals, where we had successful projects in Horizon 2020, Central Europe, Danube Transnational Program, and COST Action framework programmes. Furthermore, our faculty has a diverse portfolio with excellence in the fields of transportation, logistics, and autonomous vehicles.

Can you tell us shortly what is the main goal of thematic package 2, of which you are the leader?

In connection with the general aim of the RegiaMobil project, which is to examine smart mobility solutions for rural areas in a comprehensive way, one of the main goals of WP2 is to create an assessment tool, which can effectively describe the transportation related situation in the regions in the European Union including the pilot areas of the project. To realize this aim, an indicator system is set up, where several aspects are collected and classified to describe the regional indicators of the mobility services. With the created index it is possible to calculate the projected outcomes of the pilot activities for every region. As a result, the performance of the RegiaMobil pilot activities is quantified, thus we can support extensively the development of smart mobility solutions.

What do you personally perceive as the greatest benefit of the RegiaMobil project?

For me personally, the project is about realizing new ideas at pilot locations, which help connecting regions and support sustainable travel behavior. During these pilots we can highlight those advanced solutions, which provide real benefits for the users, and which can be extended and commercialized in the future.

Domi, we are glad that you take the time for this interview and let the implementation of the activities of work package 2 succeed.