SOLEZ 2nd Follow-up training @Sárvár 

On May 17 in the morning  PBN organized the second  Follow-up training after Turin study visit in Sárvár FUA with 9 participants.

 Participants were briefly informed about the topic of the whole SOLEZ project, but the main focus of the discussion was on the good practices of the Turin study visit, and the current situation  in Sárvár FUA regarding  sustainable mobility. Stakeholders had a fruitful conversation about the usability of Turin good practices in Sárvár FUA.

 In the second half of the meeting, Sárvár FUA’s planned Value-Added Service was introduced which is going to be an ICT-based smartphone application that would integrate all sustainable mobility modes in Sárvár FUA. This application, besides sustainable mobility, is aiming tourism and catering area too, because Sárvár FUA is a popular touristic destination among Hungarians and foreign guests as well. That is why, this training was an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to get acquianted not only with the good practices learnt in Turin, but they were also informed about the planned pilot action of Sárvár FUA.

From  the side of the attendants’ valuable feedbacks were given as well as stakeholders expressed their intention of co-operation in the future project work.