#reducefoodwasteConference on Food Waste Prevention and Management

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From a circular economy point of view, it is necessary to reduce and manage food losses occurring along the whole supply chain.
More sustainable food systems can be and need to be achieved in order to reach the targets defined by the UN’s development agenda for the 21st century.  

Although there is a lot of research done in the food waste sector there are still fundamental issues that need to be faced first like identifying appropriate methods to monitor the food waste amounts along the food supply chain or identifying how different actors can work together in future. Beyond that it is necessary to cope with slowly changing attitudes and behaviours of actors along the food value chain - therefore possible solutions to transfer knowledge and arouse interest need to be tested. 
This conference focuses on new findings as well as new solutions for the prevention and management of food waste along the whole supply chain in the Central Europe region but would love to share and discuss current scientific insights on this issue from all over the world.
Therefore – we invite you to share and discuss with us the newest scientific findings on food waste prevention and management as well as new solution approaches. 

This conference will bring together:  ​

  • Universities
  • Non - university research institutes
  • Relevant actors active along the food supply chain
  • Interest groups
  • Political decision makers​

Call for Abstracts and Registration starts 01.9.2018

1.9.18 - 15.3.19: Registration for all participants
15.12.18: Notification about oral or poster presentation
25.4 Pre-Conference excursion – Get together
26.4.: Conference

Conference-Fee: Admission free