Sölktäler Nature Park celebrates its Protected Areas Open Day

May 11th, Sölktäler Nature Park, Austria - Sölktäler Nature Park opened its doors to visitors to celebrate the Protected Areas Open Day in an event focused on gardens and the influence of Climate Change effects.

The Protected Areas Open Days aim to foster networking among stakeholders and visitors of protected areas and enforce the sense of belonging of the local communities located in them. These events are being scheduled in the eight Pilot Protected Areas involved in CEETO project, in which the implementation and testing of innovative models for sustainable tourism management is being carried out.

Lecture Room

Visitors in the lecture room - Photo by Sölktäler Nature Park

On the 11th of May, Sölktäler Nature Park celebrated its Protected Areas Open Day at Großsölk Castle. The event was focused on gardens, being also named as the Garden Day, and counted with an approximated number of 400 visitors. Among the activities and presentations that took place during the event, CEETO project was presented to the general public. Furthermore, the visitors were provided with information about the visitor monitoring activities, workshops and awareness raising actions connected with ecotourism that are being implemented in the park since the start of the project.


Handing in presents to participants - Photo by Sölktäler Nature Park

Additionally, a stand with little presents to offer and attact visitors was installed in the area. These giveaways consisted in little “Schabzigerklee” plants, an old heritage herb used to make cheese and bread which is now is being brought back to use it for this same purpose, and cotton bags with the CEETO Protected Areas Open Days emblem, which were produced specifically for the events.

Stand with CEETO merchandising

Stand with CEETO merchandising - Photo by Sölktäler Nature Park

As part of the awareness raising activities included in the project´s Pilot Action, Klaus Wanninger gave a lecture on the effects of global warming on home gardens. He also encouraged visitors to observe and monitor shifts in the development of their garden´s vegetation, like the start of blossoming of flowers, which now starts three weeks earlier than 30 years ago and that is believed to be connected with the effects of Climate Change.

About Sölktäler Nature Park

To get further information, please visit Sölktäler Nature Park webpage, where you will find specific details about its natural values, its touristic offer and the challenges regarding tourism management that the park will tackle with the implementation of CEETO Pilot Actions. Furthermore, you can watch the short video-teaser below to have an overview of the Sölktäler Nature Park:


Watch Sölktäler Nature Park video-teaser

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