Solar "E-TREE" - in Puconci (SLO)

The Slovenian partner's investment has been completed. E-Tree (solar tree) is a facility that symbolizes the protection of the environment and ecological values. It aims to raise awareness of the community on environmental sustainability. It is made from environmental friendly materials, energy produced by solar cells.

During the selection of potential locations in Municipality Puconci for successful implementation of the project “Solar E-Tree”, it was necessary to consider following:
          - Choice of location,
          - Orientation,
          - Annual temperature of location,
          - Distribution of the location,
          - Overcoming the obstacles.
Orientation, distribution and selection of location affects amount of solar energy that will solar tree collect. Geographical factors as climate, naturally affects the type of project that will be implemented on some locality. Satisfying location can represent important aspect for local development and support of Institutions.
Solar tree represents steel construction that with its appearance reminds of the tree, on top of which are solar panels that by collecting solar energy, mobiles and portable computers will be charged.

Solar E-Tree is installed at the property / land owned by the Municipality of Puconci. With the location around the Puconci elementary school, the Green hall (energy-saving sports gym), the bus station, the outdoor sports grounds, the park and the church, the frequent location of E-Tree has been reached. The location was determined within the framework of the meetings with the Local Support Group (LSG )and the mayor of the municipality of Puconci.


Solar E-Tree is constructed from 3 components: Solar Tree, Solar bench and Smart bench with shadow. All together they provide 11 pieces of solar cells, capacity of 1,74 kWp, 16 seats for visitors (benches), LED lightning 20 W, 16 USB ports for charging different mobile devices, one wireless charger, ready for use charging station installed on the bench for e-bike, e-roller, e-cycle 2 x 220 V (300 W), sensors for temperature, humidity and 100 % Solar powered charging independent of grid supply.


Solar tree supports working of portable computers, mobile   phones and LED lightning, solar panels have a huge   capacity, it has resistant steel structure and electrical   equipment is installed inside the box. Solar tree has a   regulator, battery and converter installed for operation.   Solar bench (smart bench) is made of galvanized steel,   which makes the solar bench firmly and resistant to   vandalism and natural conditions (salt). On the middle part   of the bench are solar panels that supply electricity with   USB ports for charging mobile devices. Installation and   construction is very quick and easy. Smart bench with shadow has 6 seats, connected USB cables for users, has LED lightning and sensors for temperature, humidity. Its steel construction is very resistant, while all electrical equipment is installed inside the box.

When installing Solar E-Tree is estimated that energy produced will be 1.870 kWh annually. In 30 year, the Solar E-Tree will generate 56,1 MWh of pure electricity. At the annual level, with energy production from Solar E-Tree we will save 1.041 kgCO2 (1,04 tCO2 compared to purchasing this energy. During the lifetime of 30 years, the Solar E-Tree will save 31,27 tCO2.1

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