Successful crowdfunding campaigns from Austria, Hungary and Germany

Last time, I have presented you some succesful crowdfunding campaigns in the subject of culture and heritage from Slovenia and Italy.

I promised to present you also from other countries that are joined to our project, so here we go:


Trumer Braufunding

The TRUMER brewery recently launched a reward-basedcrowdfunding campaign raising € 81.900,-. Thus two “innovation tanks” could be finances to experiment with new tastes. The campaign was started on 18.01.2018. TRUMER Privatbrauerei is a traditional brewery since 1601 and famiy owned since 1775. The company became famous because of its “Pils” and strives to continuously enhance innovation by developing new crafts and tastes. During the campaign, its creators collected € 81.900 what was 117% of planned amount and was supported by 201 donators.

Wimmer schneidert – Tradition mit Zukunft

The WIMMER sewery recently launched an equity based crowdfunding campaign raising € 350.000,- to modernize the shop and production site. WIMMER is a family owned company sewing traditional Austrian folk costumes. The sewery is led in the 9th generation by Monika and Stefan Wimmer and has 17 employees realising custom-made high quality folk costumes. The campaign was stared on 24.04.2017 and was very succesful, as they collected 700% of planned amount and their campaign was supported by 111 donators.


Jazz in the Forest

As András Dés says: "I have always been following my dreams, but there has been one special dream that I have kept for so many years waiting for the right time to let it come true. This dream was to record a jazz album in the middle of a forest.". He didn't have sources to do so, so he created successfun crowdfunding campaign, where he collected $1 965 USD thanks to the support of 51 donators.


A bee tower for Torgau

The so-called Bee Pass Bee Tower comes from France. It offers the opportunity to bring the life and work of the bees as well as their ecological importance into the public eye. The bee-pass is a beehive to touch with a tour opening for the bees at 2.50 meters altitude. Unlike conventional bee houses, the bees can be observed through a sight glass at any time in their hive, without both sides being disturbed or a beekeeper having to be there. The campaign took 33 days to collect of 2.362,55 € thanks to 44 supporters.

Showcase - orchard meadow

Construction of a shop window with information board on the orchard. A display board or a showcase for the orchard meadow is to open this for visitors and cyclists and inspire them for the preservation of this and many other orchards in the region. The campaign took a period from November 2015 to January 2016 (55 days) and its creator collected 1.283,00 € thanks to 24 donators.