Thematic Workpackage T1-
Stakeholders analyses and transferability assessment of EE outcomes

WP1 aims to  analyse and map stakeholders needs in the new pilot regions, engage them into TARGET-CE activities and analyse transferability needs for the selected technical and not-technical outputs coming from past international projects related to EE. 

Stakeholder mapping and engagement is a mandatory activity (A.T1.1 and O.T1.1) in oder to understand needs of new involved regions and better capitalized and deploy EE solutions. This activity will include: identification of paths for engaging all relevant stakeholders in CE countries on a national, regional and local level whose participation is necessary for wider uptake of energy smart solutions and for implementation of project goals; collection of local and national stakeholders wishes for tailoring and deploying EE ICT tools, strategies and roadmaps; recute as many stakeholders as possible (external municipalities, energy agencies, high-level policy makers, schools, etc.) into project activities, considering also possible synergies with other ongoing projects (see Section C3/Synergies). Contacts, questionnaires and interviews in this activity will be GDPR compliant.

Secondly (A.T1.2), all selected projects outputs (ICT tools, action plans, financial models, decision support tools - DST, roadmaps, training material, etc.) coming from BOOSTEE-CE, ENERGY@SCHOOL, FEEDSCHOOLS, eCENTRAL and CitiEnGov (Interreg-CE), GreenSoul and Panel2050 (H2020) and EMPOWER (Interreg-EU) will be analysed in order to better understand their transferability and adaptability to new PAs and regions, capitalize them and increase their impact. Software code, contents and methodologies will be collected and analyzed, starting from public deliverables, output and thanks to project partners support, as preparatory action for WP2 and WP3.

D.T.1.1.1 Stakeholder Mapping
D.T.1.1.2 Analysis of needs
D.T.1.1.3 Guidelines

D.T.1.2.1 BOOSTEE-CE_Solutions

D.T.1.2.2 eCentral_Solutions

D.T.1.2.3 Feedschools_Solutions

D.T.1.2.4 Energy@school_Solutions

D.T.1.2.5 CitiEnGov_Solutions

D.T.1.2.6 EMPOWER_Solutions

D.T.1.2.7 PANEL 2050_Solutions

D.T.1.2.8 Greensoul_Solutions
D.T.1.2.9 Merging_integration_Solutions