Thematic Workpackage T3

WPT4 is responsible for the Pilot Action (PA) implementations, where all analyzed adjusted and tailored solutions are deployed in order to capitalize past/ongoing activities, widespread EE solutions, change behavior & enlarge impacts. TARGET-CE has 7 Pilots (one is cross-border), touching 6 countries and engaging 16 municipalities in the pilot activities.

The implementation of the TARGET-CE project was aimed at capitalizing the activities and previously implemented effects of projects related to increasing energy efficiency in new locations, where pilot actions were carried out. As part of the TARGET-CE project, 6 pilot actions were successfully carried out, under which 99 buildings in municipalities, cities and regions in Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia were covered by the pilot actions. During the pilot actions, ICT tools improving energy efficiency were capitalized in these buildings, and new tools were implemented to better monitor energy consumption and production in public buildings. The culmination of the activities carried out was the creation of energy management plans, which are aimed at improving energy management and indicating the possibility of reducing it within the framework of the Action Plans proposed in them. In addition, the Handbook for energy planners was also implemented, which will help building managers to carry out tasks related to building management and implementing solutions implemented in the TARGET-CE project.

D.T.4.1.1 Capitalization and pilot action guidelines

D.T.4.1.2 Pilot action preparation_NOVUM
D.T.4.1.2 Pilot action preparation_WEIZ
D.T.4.1.2 Pilot action preparation_SIPRO
D.T.4.1.2 Pilot action preparation_MAE
D.T.4.1.2 Pilot action preparation_UCBR
D.T.4.1.2 Pilot action preparation_KSSENA

D.T.4.2.1 Implementation of pilot actions for EE improvement
D.T.4.2.4 Implementation of pilot actions for EE improvement
D.T.4.2.5 Implementation of pilot actions for EE improvement

D.T.4.3.1 Evaluation report on pilot actions implementation
D.T.4.3.2 Pilot actions report

D.T.4.4.1 Energy management plans for selected public schools
D.T.4.4.2 Energy management plans for selected historical buildings
D.T.4.4.3 Energy management plans for selected public utilities_UCBR
D.T.4.4.3 Energy management plans for selected public utilities_WEIZ