Crossed by the Brenta River, Bassano del Grappa is one of the 39 recognized Cities of Ceramics in Italy. The production of ceramics in this city was born in the seventeenth century and thrived for more than 300 years, thanks to the artistic strength of its companies and of the hands of its craftsmen. Since then the market has changed, crushing the artistic manufacturing that does not adapt to it. To save this cultural and artisan heritage, and also jobs, it is necessary to enhance it with new tools: to launch an action of urban redevelopment of the historic center of Bassano through a "network" of spaces dedicated to hosting activities of promotion, exhibition, production and sale of artisanal artistic ceramics, developing collaborations with artists and designers and other ceramic districts.

TERRACOTTA - Hub Gallery is an urban regeneration project, which aims to create a network of spaces dedicated to the enhancement of ceramics (Traditional and Contemporary) in the historic center of Bassano del Grappa (identified as a strategic place from a cultural and tourist point of view), using vacant properties to give them a new life. These spaces will host activities dedicated to the promotion, exhibition, production and sale of traditional and contemporary quality ceramics. These are exhibition / sales / workshop points, which on one hand display the artistic production, on the other tell the culture of the territory they belong to.

The spaces will be spread out throughout the historic center, clearly visible and identifiable by a specific coordinated image. The spaces of TERRACOTTA will be divided into: Terracotta Store (shop and concept store); Terracotta Lab, spaces and workshops also to be shared/used in rotation and for temporary hospitality dedicated to craftsmen and ceramic designers; Terracotta Farm, classrooms for training and meetings; Terracotta Space, an exhibition space that transforms and reinvents itself according to endless possibilities, a stage for ever new ideas to be shared and admired.

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