“Artist to consumer”: a self-production designer, a creative craftsman who deals with his clientele without intermediaries using his laboratory as a direct channel for the display and sale of his artistic creations and as a place for the dissemination of contemporary ceramic art. The TERZAFORMA – Artistic workshop project means expressive synthesis and fusion of languages, between ceramic art, figurative art and applied art. Passion, creativity, craftsmanship of the products, direct relationship with customers, are the characterizing factors of the business idea. 

"In the hands lies the power of creativity", the creative idea needs to go through the hands to be turned into an artistic object. This is the “tradition of doing” which has always been embedded in the Venetian culture throughout its history and the history of ceramics in particular.

"To safeguard traditional craftsmanship and its excellence in the production of Venetian ceramics, it is necessary to innovate in a contemporary fashion regarding the design and artistic proposition of the object, in a combination of art, craftsmanship and culture of the project".

"Bringing the art object into everyday experience", facilitating its access, spreading the artistic culture and promoting the experience of making art. Thus benefitting the social context in which the business project operates.

Placing TERZAFORMA in Rovigo enhances its meaning, because by contributing to the spreading of the tradition of Venetian artistic ceramics even outside the boundaries of the traditional ceramic districts, we safeguard not only the intangible cultural heritage represented by ceramic art, but also that represented by the historical center of a city and its relationships.

Diego’s goal is to create a school that safeguards traditional craftsmanship of Venetian ceramics, innovated in a contemporary fashion regarding the design and artistic proposition of the object, and at the same time bringing young artisans closer to artistic production. The school will be inside a “craft workshop”, like the artists of the past, within which ideas are developed and handed down and where artistic artifacts, unique or produced in limited series, are created and sold.

Tools, certifications, kilns, materials for students are needed to set up the school. Diego opened up the shop (where he is waiting for you!), but to make it into a school he needs your support.

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