Work Package 2

General framework for WISEs technological and knowledge management model

Considering that ICT and managerial tools/services on current markets are not tailored to WISEs needs and resources,  this Work Package builds a framework for WISEs empowerment through ICT and skills injections, and its guidelines for designing specific actions and learning projects. Several activities allowed us to reach this objective.

Starting from the context issues of the Regional Joint strategy to tackle WISEs technological and management skills shortages in the long-run, the ICT application and architecture evolution strategies identify processes, services, operations and needs of information management to be supported by the ICT tools. Afterwards, the design of the general framework for WISEs processes and services empowerment provides a description of WISE (processes and services) ecosystem valid in a transnational scenario, while the design of the Information System application architecture framework for WISEs determines the description of the ideal Information System Architecture. This Information System Architecture includes description of functional areas, the kind of application to be implemented and the best practices for evolution and management.

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Through the competences improvement strategies, the competences category (technical, technological and managerial) and patterns to train both entrepreneur and employee are identified. The competences category is defined by the design of the general framework for WISEs competences evolution (WISE's process and service) and includes metrics to evaluate the individual proficiency level. These competences categories will be valid in transnational scenario.

Summary of the results

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