The main aim of communication activities is the promotion of the further uptake of smart mobility solutions in Central European rural areas by the competent decision-makers for public transport. Communication will therefore focus on the approaches selected for mainstreaming through action plans (T1) and demonstration projects (pilot actions; T2) as well as the updated Transnational Strategy (T1). The activities in this package are divided into the following sub-tasks:

  1. Start-up activities
    These activities include the creation of a communication strategy specifying the means of internal communication and the actual creation of means of communication, such as project websites, social networks and the sharing of information on project implementation through individual partners.
  2. Promotional materials
    A short video will be produced and published within the project. The clip aims at communicating the main outputs of RegiaMobil, the tool-box based on demonstration projects, action plans and the Transnational Strategy for smart mobility. At the same time, materials will be prepared for each demonstration project promotional to communicate the new / enhanced service to (potential) users of public transport in addressed territories.
  3. Public events + targeted events
    The partners will present their outputs at regional and transnational events. At the end of the project, a final conference will take place in Brussels, with participants in public transport.
  4. Media promotion
    In addition to the actual preparation of promotional materials, the partners will inform through the media about the start of the project, the start of demonstration projects, their implementation and outputs.