Project management is a very important thing in short and simply so that everything works as it should and nothing is forgotten.

RegiaMobil project management takes place on two levels. The first level is strategic management, decision-making and monitoring by the steering group, which is composed of one member for each project partner. This Steering group meets at least 3 times during the implementation of the project, where in its meetings it evaluates the progress and success of the project, potential risks and makes the necessary decisions. The second level is project management by the lead partner and individual project managers of the partners. The second level is day to day management. Project management is also supported by an External secretariat.

The activities implemented under this work package include:

  1. Start-up activities
    These activities include the necessary steps needed to start the project. These are mainly the signing of contracts, the establishment of an External project secretariat, the launch of the project, including a Kick-off meeting.
  2. Own coordination of the project
    Activities related to monitoring activities include interim reporting on project implementation, mid-term review, monitoring and evaluation of steps.
  3. Steering of project implementation
    Activities include Steering group activities.
  4. Financial management
    Activities associated with the proper use of project funds.