Festival of Tastes in Sierpc, Mazovia, Poland

Sierpc, Mazovia, Poland, 11th to 13th August 2017

Festival of Taste in Sierpc – preparation of the pilot action in Mazovia region 

YouInHerit project was presented during regional Festival of Tastes in Sierpc on 11th - 13th August this year. A special stand with information and some promotion materials was dedicated to the project.

The main attraction was the workshop on traditional methods of brewing beer which gathered many spectators. Two experts from Polish Association of Home Brewers were involved in it. The stand has been visited by many young people and also some distinguished guests like the Mayor of Sierpc Mr Jaroslaw Perzyński co-organiser of the Festival and his family,  the founder and President of Polish Association of Home Brewers Mr Andrzej Sadownik with his wife, and the ex-director oft he main brewery company Kasztelan from Sierpc Mr Hubert Szczepek with his wife. It was a good ocasion to discuss the involvement of youth in the revalorisation of traditional crafts like brewery.

A competition on traditional brewing was held and interesting promotion materials were among the prizes. Thanks to the engagement of the young people about 100 questionnairs were collected in order to have some input to the Pilot Action.

It has been a good experience on how to prepare the edition of the Festival next year.

Our project partners from Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia and their stakeholders are very welcome to  the Festival of Tastes 2018!