The project´s main objective is to significantly contribute to the emergence of a functional transnational innovation system in the trinational border area between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. This is characterised by a self-sustaining cooperation between transfer promotors and further actors of the scientific, economic and public sphere in order to initiate, implement and transfer new technologies. Therefore, the project contributes to the overall programme goal by implementing a solution to overcome the barriers for transnational cooperation between science and industry. The project´s results increase the joint development of innovation as a precondition for economic and social prosperity as well as for the improvement of quality of life in the trinational area. In terms of the program priority specific objective the project rises the transnational cooperation between key actors from business and research of the three countries. This leads to an enhancement in transnational knowledge and technology transfer between the key players from science and industry in the defined pilot area as well as in whole Central Europe by transferring developed solutions to other regions. Furthermore, the project strengthens the links between science as well as economy and the public administration. As parts of a transnational network, they all set the framework for the emergence of a functioning innovation system and in turn foster innovation capacity in Central Europe.