First Call for Proposals:
New Projects in the Pipeline

The first call for project proposals closed on
23 February 2022.

 With an indicative budget of 72 million EUR from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), our first call addressed
public and private organisations across central Europe to work together and jointly solve common challenges that know no borders.

We have received 280 applications. If you applied with us, you can find more details about the next steps below.

If the call came too early for you, there is already another opportunity on the horizon.
We are planning to open our second call for standard projects in March 2023.

Did you
apply in our
first call?

Scroll further down to find all information about the next steps and an indicative timeline for the selection of new projects.

Connecting circles

Step 1


In a first step, we checked the submitted project proposals against formal and administrative requirements, such as:

  • Submission by the deadline
  • Minimum partnership requirements
  • Lead applicant requirements
  • Application filled out in English  
  • Completeness and compliance of submitted documents

The project proposals that failed in the above requirements, were considered as non-eligible. Altogether, 256 project proposals passed the formal checks.    

April 2022

Step 2


In a second step, we filtered project proposals to identify the most relevant ones. This was done against two strategic criteria: Relevance and Partnership. To pass this step, proposals had to contribute in a distinct way to a programme specific objective, demonstrate a convincing intervention logic, and show why transnational cooperation is needed. In addition, the composition of the partnership, its competences and transnationality were key aspects. 143 project proposals passed the relevance filter. 

September 2022

Step 3


In the final step, we will fully assess the proposals that have passed the relevance filter. This full quality assessment will be done in two categories: Strategic and  Operational. In this decisive phase for the selection, we will comprehensively analyse the entire application form. Each proposal will be assessed by two experts. The assessors will look into the full set of strategic and operational criteria as outlined in the Terms of Reference of the first call. In this step, we will also perform the State aid assessment.

December 2022

Step 4

selection and contracting

On the basis of the full assessment, the funding decision will be taken by our monitoring committee in a fourth and final step. Following the selection, we will inform all lead applicants about the results. For selected proposals, the letter might include a number of conditions that will have to be addressed before the proposal enters the contracting phase. We might also include some recommendations for improving the quality of the proposal. Projects are expected to start with implementation once contracting is concluded. 

December 2022

More information about the assessment process can be found in our programme manual.

For any further questions, you can contact us at our helpdesk(at)

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