Common understanding of transfer process

Knowledge and technology transfer is understood as target-oriented, conscious transmission of innovative knowledge, idea and/ or innovative technologies between technology givers and technology takers and it´s economic exploitation. From our point of view, transfer process of innovative knowledge and/ or innovative technologies ends with their market diffusion. The mutual exchange process of transfer includes:

  • identification, formulation and dissemination of an economically applicable and innovative idea,
  • initiation of contacts and networks between potential technology givers and technology takers as well as transfer process supporters
  • patenting of an idea respectively preparation of an idea´s economic exploitation (including startups) as well as
  • joint advancement of the research field by future technology givers and technology takers, wherein the economically applicable idea is originated.
  • transferprocess

    Different tasks within the transfer process have different importance and stage of development in the participating regions due to different regional pre-conditions.