Starting Point Postojna

P9: Municipality of Postojna (SI)

STARTING POINT POSTOJNA is the informational centre that will offer comprehensive support to migrants in the following fields:

  • learning and practice (in real life situations) Slovene language,
  • arrangement administrative matters
  • creation of social network
  • participation at creative, cultural, sportive and other workshops
  • familiarization Slovenian culture and places
  • improvement opportunities to enter the labour market
  • preparation of the business plans fort he purposes of self-employment 

Starting point Postojna will work closely with the network of local stakeholders that will facilitate access to different groups of migrants. The activities of Starting point Postojna will be designed upon the needs of migrants, stakeholders and native population. Due to improved multiculturalism and social inclusion the pilot action will contribute to economic and cultural growth of the region.


Notranjsko primorska region, with the capital in Postojna is the lowest inhabited Slovenian region. It faces aging of the population, while on the other side it faces increasing inflow of migrants, especially from Balkan and some Asian countries. The region is becoming more and more culturally and ethnically diverse. 



Our pilot action is innovative because:

  • Starting point Postojna is the first informational centre for migrants in the region that will offer comprehensive help to migrants
  • It is based on the needs, challenges and good practices of migrants, local stakeholders and local population.
  • It promotes mutual learning between migrants and local population
  • It uses the understanding integration as two-way process
  • It empowers some migrants from different linguistic groups to act as tutors /cultural mediators for other migrants from their linguistic group

»We'll not only work for migrants, but will work with migrants« 


D.T2.2.2 - Pilot Action Concept - P9

D.T2.5.2 - Pilot Action Final Report - P9