LOW-CARB Cities’ Activities in the 2020 EUMOBILITYWEEK.

The annual European Mobility Week begins today, the 16th of September 2020, and will engage the public with locally-organised transport and mobility related activities across the continent until the 22nd. Many events will take place online this year due to social distancing measure, but many will planned to safely take place outdoors too.

 ‘Zero-emission mobility for all’ - The 2020 EMW Theme

"This year's theme reflects the ambitious targets of a carbon-neutral continent by 2050, as laid out by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, when presenting the European Green Deal. It also aims to highlight the importance of accessibility to zero-emission transport and promote an inclusive framework involving everyone. Despite the different climatic, geographical and socio-economic conditions across Europe’s urban areas, measures can be taken to promote a carbon-neutral and inclusive urban environment. Therefore, EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2020 encourages people and local authorities to take steps to achieve the long-term goal of a carbon-neutral continent.” (EMW Website, 2020).

It is one of the most widespread and active mobility-related events in Europe. See what’s in store for LOW-CARB’s partnering cities below. We have organized several events perfect for the whole family. 

Activities in Brno (CZ):

LOW-CARB has teamed up with local organisations to bring you a full day program for families with children focused on safety measures in transport.

When: September 19 10:00 to 18:00
Where: Area of traffic education, Bauerova 7, Brno-Pisárky

The project’s innovative mobility actions in Brno will be presented as well as informing the public about sustainable transport and SUMP planning. LOW-CARB has locally created a monitoring tool that will help with coordination of urban mobility.
There will also be fun demonstrations from the police of the Czech Republic, The Municipal Police, Firefighters, the transport company of the city of Brno, Brno roads, the Department of Transport of the City of Brno, and Brno without barriers. There will also be competitions with interesting prizes held throughout the day. Activities include:

  • Interaction with police horses and vehicles and meetings with police and firefighters
  • Fire truck and rescue screenings
  • Rotary simulator that simulates an accident and demonstration of towing cars
  • Demonstrations of dog handlers and guide dogs - (training in leading the blind person and trying out orientation in space)
  • Riding a mechanical wheelchair and overcoming obstacles in space
  • Handbike training
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Finale of the “Safely Brno” competition
  • Presentation of the LOW-CARB project 
  • Possibility of refreshments

* It is held also in cooperation with OZ MMB, ParaCENTRUM Fenix, z.s., TyfloCentrum Brno, o.p.s., Opus Lacrimosa, z.ú., HandMedia, Union of the Deaf Brno, z.s., Alfons Counseling Center

Brno’s other events include:

September 16
- Open days of the Central Dispatch Office of IDS JMK - 15 years of IDS JMK
- Come and see how public transport is managed in South Moravia, how data is created in information panels at stops or how it is arranged so that you do not miss a connecting connection. More info: www.idsjmk.cz

September 17
- Open days of the Central Dispatch Office of IDS JMK celebrating 15 years of IDS JMK

September 22
- Presentation of the “Emotion map”

Activities in Leipzig (DE)

September 16
- Kick-off event for the European Mobility Week in Leipzig
- Hike under the motto "Gardens, parks, cemeteries, sights and monuments in Leipzig
- Climate friendly delivery traffic in the center west
- Little climate protectors on the move 

September 17
- Safe cycling in the Georg-Schwarz-Straße

September 18
- Parade "City for people - instead of cars
- Parks instead of parking spaces
- Parking Day

September 19
- Reading for children followed by a guided tour in the Bushof Lindenau
- Kidical Mass" bicycle demo for children
- Saturday walk from Sommerfeld to Holzhausen - from one end stop to the other 

September 20
- Guided tour through the Heiterblick Technical Center of the Leipzig public transport company

September 21

- Ecological ramble through the BMW factory premises
- Quarter trees for the neighbourhood

September 22

 - Bicycle registration, advice on environmentally friendly mobility, consultation hours on bicycle traffic in Leipzig from the Environmental Information Center
- "Rollator Parcour" of the Leipzig public transport company
- "Hiking at the border trenches" organised by the association for the blind and visually impaired

Activities in Skawina

This week LOW-CARB will share a short video online that presents the results and evaluation of the Skawina bus line pilot, as well as the signing of the LOW-CARB declaration by the deputy mayor. Keep your eye on our social media platforms this week! (TBA)

September 16
- There will be short film presentations about this year's ETZT campaign on the official website of Skawina Commune (www.gminaskawina.pl) and on the social media. The film promotes the ETZT and the pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure created in Skawina and the Radziszów So³eczko district.

September 17
- Organization of a guided tour with a social group from "Bicycle Skawina". Participants will learn about the new infrastructure dedicated to cyclists, which is available in the city of Skawina ,and the rules of safe bicycle use as a means of transport will be presented. Moreover, proposals of routes leading from point A to point B will be presented in combination with "hidden bicycle infrastructure.

September 18
- A bicycle obstacle course will be made available at Primary School No. 1, thanks to which, children will be able to improve their riding technique. Participants will learn the rules of road traffic.

September 19
- There will be classes with children in the Transport Town located in the Skawina City Park. The participants will learn traffic rules.

September 20
- An exhibition will be presented on the Town Square in Skawina.

September 21
- Short film presentations about the five-year history of the ETZT campaign in Skawina Commune will be posted on the official website of the Skawina Commune (www.gminaskawina.pl) and on social media.

September 22
- "A day without a car." There will be free bus communication in the Skawina Commune.

Activities in Koprivnica (CR)

- a car free day and presentation of the LOW-CARB project (details TBA).