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Joint training in linz, austria

LOW-CARB, trolley:motionElectro Mobility EuropeProject and the UITP Trolleybus Committee co-hosted a training in Linz, Austria! Over 50 participants learned how to center high capacity trolleybus systems as the life force of low-carbon public transport! Read more...


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Parma Road-tests e-Buses as Action Plan Takes Shape 

In July, Parma’s TEP brought the first Chinese-manufactured e-bus to EU roads to test its energy consumption & recharging times under different conditions (empty, with air-conditioning, etc). During the EU MOBILITY WEEK, Parma’s citizens were invited to share their experiences and views. The results of the Line 8 tests, which connects the city’s eastern suburbs, are already feeding into an action plan for PT e-services and multipurpose charging infrastructure (expected completion: May 2020).
The end result? Seamless multi-modal local zero-emission mobility in Parma! 



on the road!

LOW-CARB was present at the 5th EU Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, organized by the European Commission and held in in Nicosia, Cyprus, on May 14th and 15th, 2018 (presentations available). But it doesn't stop there! We will also be at the CIVITAS Forum Conference on September 19th-21st in Umeå, Sweden, which deals with topics of sustainable urban mobility & pioneering solutions for cleaner EU transport. On November 22nd-23rd, we will also be in Manchester, UK, for the Annual Polis Conference, focused on transport innovation for sustainable cities and regions. So, come and join us!



Special feature: slovenian sumps

Luka Mladenovič, researcher at the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia,  joined LOW-CARB's board of advisers to share insights and recommendations to help better realize the project’s objectives with his substantial experience. Find out how he is directly involved with encouraging Slovenian municipalities’ to develop SUMPs. Read more... 



Signed, Sealed, Delivered! 

Antonio Rizzi (the president of Parma's TEP) and Ronald Juhrs (Managing Director of Technology & Operations at Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe) put pen to paper as the first signatories of LOW-CARB's Declaration in DEC 2017, which heralds their commitment to increase the use of public transport and inducts them to the LOW-CARB ‘Hall of Fame’. See full list and goals...


News snippet


June 21st, the European summer solstice,  marked the launch of LOW-CARB. Project Partners were hosted by Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe in the hometown of the lead partner, and besides running through the project's key outputs, they enjoyed a city site visit via the city's new 'XL' tram.

LOW-CARB puts the organisation of low-carbon public transport at the forefront of reducing GHG emissions, combined with new mobility offers like bike-sharing (supported by solar-powered e-bike charging stations), public transport e-feeder service) or multimodal information services (incl. MaaS) to encourage shared mobility. 


Please note that this site is no longer active and was last updated on 10.02.2021.

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