Open Call for LOW-CARB ‘Followers’ Extended

Contributing to the development and implementation of sustainable urban mobility plans or SUMPs for Functional Urban Areas (FUAs) in the Interreg Central Europe area, LOW-CARB invites applications to its ‘Follower City Programme.’ The deadline is still open.

This call invites interest from cities or regions that are in the process of either developing a SUMP or low-carbon mobility plan or is in the process of implementing a pilot measure for low-carbon mobility within its functional urban area in the Interreg Central Europe CE region. The selected ‘Follower Cities and/or Regions’ will benefit from a knowledge transfer scheme, exchanging with one of the LOW-CARB project's town or city partners regarding their own low-carbon mobility planning processes. The selected followers will also benefit from the following capacity building activities:

  • Workshops;
  • Tool-testing; and
  • Visits to pilot demonstration sites.

Within their applications, would-be participants must indicate which of the following LOW-CARB pilots are of specific interest and why:

  • Multimodal mobility platforms (Leipzig, Germany)
  • Data-based mobility planning (Szeged, Hungary)
  • Shared mobility systems (to be confirmed)
  • Smart e-mobility solutions (Koprivnica, Croatia)
  • On-demand e-bus mobility services (Skawina, Poland)

Mentoring visits will start mid-2019 and run until the first half of 2020.

Why participate?

  • Participants will learn more about sustainable urban mobility planning for functional urban areas and the prioritising of public transport measures in planning low-carbon mobility for your city/region by sharing knowledge and experiences made in our partner cities and regions;
  • Towns and cities can check their SUMP status by testing our SUMP self-assessment tool and receive feedback on the most appropriate tool(s) from the SUMP Tool Inventory that fits the current need(s) of your plan and its further development.
  • Representatives will develop their knowledge of innovative public transport pilots through site visits and get hands-on insights about planning and implementing innovative measures, like multimodal mobility service platforms or on-demand clean mobility services.
  • Beneficiaries will access our LOW-CARB knowledge base, including relevant literature, presentations, expert contacts and so on.

What’s expected? 

  • You will participate in at least two site visits to learn more about our innovative pilots for low-carbon transport solutions in LOW-CARB partner cities and regions.
  • We count on your active engagement in workshops linked to the site visits.
  • Your administration will test the LOW-CARB SUMP self-assessment tool for sustainable urban mobility planning in functional urban areas.
  • A show of commitment to low-carbon transport development in your city and/or region by signing the LOW-CARB Declaration

How to join the follower city programme?

The documents below provide further details. Please contact Ms. Saydrina Govender

  1. Open Call
  2. Application Form
  3. LOW-CARB Declaration
  4. Programme of Events
    Agenda: Managing digital mobility databases

    Last updated on 25.05.2020

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