SUMP Monitoring Tool Training in Brno


Two GIS trainings for representatives of City of Brno and mobility stakeholders were held on the 17th and 21st of January 2019. The aim of these trainings was to introduce and demonstrate how to use the SUMP Monitoring Tool which is an app developed by City of Brno, and is their main output for the LOW-CARB project.

A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is a strategic plan to integrate transport systems with new mobility offers in a participatory way that can drive sustainable, and preferably, low-carbon transportation. The monitoring tool developed by City of Brno, helps better coordinate and realize a SUMP and its action plan’s measures. It helps to organise which stakeholder is responsible for what action point, in which year a measure is planned for, and how much money has been budgeted and spent on its implementation.

Although this sounds fairly basic of any project implementation, SUMP development processes can become complicated if many stakeholders wish to be a part of its co-creation. Brno has helpfully created a manual for its stakeholders, that accompanies the SUMP monitoring tool to provide ample guidance on integrating spatial planning with urban mobility planning. In addition, a GIS administrator is available for advice and supplementary meetings if specific spatial analysis, particular to an organisation’s needs, is required. Therefore, the SUMP Monitoring Tool and Manual together facilitate better co-ordination and co-operation.

The two trainings were a great success. Twenty- nine people participated in it and several arranged additional meetings with the GIS administrator for further developments! Participants were highly engaged and found the tool very useful. The training’s evaluation feedback also helped highlight points of improvement for the app, which can consequently achieve a more user-centered design.