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It’s no secret that daily commuting to remote business districts take a toll on people’s time, energy, and daily carbon footprint. Accessibility within a FUA is a vital part of reducing reliance on cars and facilitating a transition to low-carbon mobility systems that should be steered by clean public transport networks. This webinar presented LOW-CARB's innovative solutions for connecting remote business districts to residential areas within functional urban areas. Therefore, allowing industry workers more sustainable routes and modes of travel to their places of work.

Robert Schilke (MDV) and Dr. Adam Nemeht (SZKT) each presented how LOW-CARB has achieved and improved accessibility to remote business districts in the Functional Urban Areas of Leipzig (DE) and Szeged (HU). I.e. by facilitating cooperative ways of engaging stakeholders outside public administrations to understand their mobility needs and then developing action plans, tools, and planning strategies to meet the expressed needs.

The presentations focused on the planning requirements, scope of the process, data sources and gathering methods that are necessary for successful management and creation of new public transport offers facilitating more sustainable routes and modes of travel. The 27 participants who attended, were also given a first-hand view into the challenges faced and lessons learned during the reiterative process of establishing new ways for users to travel.

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This webinar series is being run as part of the LOW-CARB Follower City Program. A structured a programme of trainings, pilot launches, and webinars to help boost cities’ awareness, knowledge, and expertise of low carbon mobility (especially in the Central European context). Please join our follower cities in thought-provoking and hands-on trainings and events that apply the teachings of LOW CARB’s lessons.  
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