Risks of heavy rain events are increasing all over Europe
Heavy rain events are a major environmental risk in Europe: they can hit any location with only very short warning time. The devastating impacts of extreme rainfalls are the most significant natural risks in Central Europe. Every year people die, thousands lose their homes, and environmental damages like water pollution occur.

Our goal
RAINMAN aims to reduce the losses in the natural and built environment caused by heavy rain. We support municipalities and regions to cope with the hazards of heavy rain and to mitigate heavy rain risks as far as possible.

What we do
Partners from six countries have joined to develop and test innovative methods and tools for the integrated management of heavy rain risks by local, regional & national public authorities. These will be included in the RAINMAN-Toolbox, a set of five transferable tools and methods for municipalities and regional stakeholders.

Work Packages
Work Package 1: Mapping Risks
Work Package 2: Reduce Risks
Work Package 3: Pilot Actions
Work Package 4: RAINMAN-Toolbox


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