Project summary

CE-HEAT project aims to improve the governance of energy efficiency by focusing on field of waste heat utilization in Central Europe space and through increased exploitation of endogenous RES – waste heat. This field was identified as one of the most pressing issues at the regional and local scale - with little success in the past. In order to improve governance in waste heat utilization, better and comprehensive planning, but also monitoring tools are needed.


The CE-HEAT project is carried out by a strong partnership of nine partners from seven Central Europe countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Poland and Slovenia). The project partners have various backgrounds, ranging from public research institutes, energy planning and consultancy agency, educational institutions, public authorities, NGO’s, ensuring access to a wide variety of stakeholders. The project partners are supported by four observers with strong interest in waste heat utilization in Central Europe space.

Project main outputs

CE-HEAT will deliver a set of solutions aimed at utilization of waste heat in Central Europe space:

  • Seven (7) regional waste heat cadastres – based on the unified methodology a group of waste heat cadastres in GIS environment will be implemented.

  • One (1) waste heat utilization toolbox - consisting of guidelines for benchmarking, preinvestment feasibility check, guides for addressing/ engaging various stakeholders (waste heat producers, potential investors, local communities, citizens, NGOs) and a manual for regional cadastre management.

  • Seven (7) pilot projects related to WH utilization – pilot projects will be implemented throughout 7 EU countries, focusing on utilization of WH potentials, partly also by addressing embedment of the developed tools in local/ regional energy planning/ facilitation of strategies.

  • One (1) transnational waste heat utilization platform - a joint platform for different stakeholders, where exchange of best practices and experiences will be facilitated and serving as a dissemination platform.

  • Seven (7) trainings for policy makers – implementation of trainings for key stakeholders enhancing their skills and capabilities in using GIS cadastre and utilization toolbox.

  • Two (2) seminars for policy makers from CE non-partner regions – aimed at policy makers of non-partner regions.

Project data

Title: Comprehensive model of waste heat utilization in CE regions

Acronym: CE-HEAT


Total eligible costs: 2.056.915,80

ERDF grant: 1.703.106,08

Project duration

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