CE-HEAT project development is based on establishment of two main solutions, which goes beyond the stat-of-art in the sector. A comprehensive approach to the waste heat utilization challenge will be provided by:

  • The novel analytical and planning tool – regional digital cadastres of waste heat in a form of a digital GIS map with integrated data on form and quantity of each identified waste heat source. Additionally monitoring tools will be provided to measure WH utilization in regions through time;

  • The utilization toolbox for waste heat utilization in CE, where guidelines for waste heat utilization will be provided for different scenario.


A digital cadastre and utilization toolbox will provide energy management authorities a platform which can be easily integrated into existing or new climate and energy strategies and can be easily widespread to other areas in countries.

Project Partners

The CE-HEAT project is carried out by a strong partnership of 9 partners from 7 Central Europe countries

Pilot projects

 More information to follow