3rd Regional Steering Group Meeting  


Main objective of the 3nd Regional Steering Group meeting was the presentation of the latest version of Slovenian GIS cadaster capturing the waste heat potential and discuss further improvement and dissemination options.  Present were representatives of University Maribor, Energetika Maribor, Municipality Maribor and both Slovenian partners.

Firstly, the CE HEAT partners E-Zavod and DEM presented the project progress since the last meeting, followed by the visual presentation of the GIS cadaster, waste heat calculator and key action plan findings and recommendations.

After the presentation of each of those outputs a discussion was held on issues relating to the topic. Key challenges were exposed and discussed with steering group members providing their ideas and comments for improvement as well as sharing their experiences in relation to waste heat activities and in particular data management.

The main discussion developed around the thematic of enabling the GIS cadastre to become and remain a useful planning tool. The following key decisions were made:

  • To organize a meeting with data providers and data visualisers to discuss the longevity and functional practicalities of data integration into the GIS system.
  • To organize a meeting with governmental energy data handling agencies to discuss a systematic approach to waste heat data collection and integration as part of the existing energy data collection processes.
  • Consider ways to include data on waste heat potential from other data sources (e.g.: waste water data) 
3rd Regional Steering Group Meeting

3rd Regional Steering Group Meeting