Activities in the last six months for setting up digital cadasters


The last half of the year project team engages in the development process for setting up digital cadastres with potential and relevant stakeholders. Cadastres will provide tool for an energy efficiency policy development and progress monitoring in participating regions. The cadastres will consist out of visual presentation (GIS map) and a database behind it with key data on the sources of waste heat. The project guarantees regional user-friendly cadastres, with simple icons and easily findable data.

For the creation of regional GIS Waste heat cadastres, partnership has been working on technical parameters to feed in the Central Europe database of waste heat sources and facilitate the data collection. The wider target audiences, stakeholders, applicants and beneficiaries have been informed at the events, conferences and fairs.

We have analysed the list of the potential waste heat sources. With thorough investigation of the inventory of enterprises and companies, relevant waste heat sources will be identified. These sources will be uploaded in the cadastres.

Awareness is being raised among the public through social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) with links to interesting and relevant articles about waste heat, published on CE–HEAT project website.

Within the Sustainable energy week (EU SEW), activities and events that raise awareness of energy efficiency & renewables are being presented, together with the CE-HEAT project. Presentation of project outputs to citizens and businesses helps them discover the issues in the transition to secure, clean, and efficient energy supply. The EU-wide visibility of Energy Days gives maximum publicity to an activity, while the communications and promotional support helps to ensure its success.

The outputs of the CE-HEAT project have also been presented at different conferences and seminars with the participation of relevant authorities.

Organization of special event in scope of the larger international Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems conference is planned to provide a professional discussion on waste heat utilization among the relevant stakeholders, from professionals and potential investors to the relevant ministries, local and regional public authorities and sectoral agencies.

SDEWES conference will take place between 4th and 8th of October 2017 in Dubrovnik, CRO.

Activities in the last six months for setting up digital cadasters