Completion of CE-HEAT project

July 2019

After an enriching three-year journey of collaboration and innovation, the CE HEAT project has come to a successful end. Our mission to improve the governance of energy efficiency by focusing on the untapped opportunities in the field of waste heat utilization in Central Europe, has been achieved.

The partnership has facilitated this process by providing:

  • Analytical and monitoring platform through establishment of GIS based regional waste heat cadastres
  • Comprehensive waste heat utilization toolbox, a solution for managing waste heat utilization projects and strategies and
  • Incorporating a new approach into local, regional and national strategies by integrating cadastres and toolbox into existing spatial planning and energy management systems

All tools are available at CE-HEAT platform

If this topic catches your interest and you would like to get in touch, feel free to contact the lead partner, who will be happy to share information and knowledge gained as a result of this cooperation.

Completion of CE-HEAT project