Croatian waste heat cadastre developed by EIHP


In the framework of the CE-HEAT project in collaboration with the Faculty of Geodesy (University of Zagreb) EIHP has developed the cadastre of waste heat potential in Croatia.

The aim of the cadastre is to provide a clear and georeferenced overview of the waste heat sources potential within the territory of the Republic of Croatia. During the first phase of data collection, EIHP has focused on the preferential electricity producers, which are using biomass and biogas as energy sources. The collected and presented data are a combination of modelled data, based on the public available data, and real data collected via questionnaires. 

The link for the Croatian waste heat cadastre is available here:

Croatian waste heat cadastre developed by EIHP

The Croatian waste heat atlas allows:

  • navigation (pan, zoom, etc.) through the map;
  • display of the attribute table per location, source etc.;
  • data filtering by selected attributes;
  • export of all the selected data sin .CVS, Excel or .json;
  • print of the map in a .pdf file;
  • data edit via: move, join, break, reverse, snap, duplicate, rotate, copy etc.
  • application of measurement tools (surface, distance etc)
  • overlay of vector dana with own raster dana (digital orthophoto, as external sources such as WMS, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap etc.
  • access to the WebGIS tool via username and password, or as a guest

If you are interested in mapping or updating your waste heat sources in Croatia, please contact EIHP (

Author: LL [EIHP]