Free Pinch Tool for Waste Heat Utilization


The fight against climate change has become a key issue that no individual and no company can or may ignore. In Austria, klimaaktiv is the official climate protection initiative of the “Bundesministerium für Nachhaltigkeit und Tourismus (BMNT)”. The focus is set on four different pillars: building and refurbishment, energy saving, renewable energy and mobility. These pillars represent the most important key players for the necessary energy transition. Klimaaktiv supports different climate protection activities set by municipalities, households and companies.

Klimaaktiv has been awarding companies since 2008 for implementing energy efficiency measures to improve their energetic performance. One category covers also heat recovery measures in industrial companies. In the year, 2017 about 12 companies successfully installed waste heat recovery measures which a worthwhile to look on them and are widely related to the project activities of CE-HEAT.

Detailed reports of the individual implementations are to download free from the website of klimaaktiv: 

Klimaaktiv also provides a free pinch tool and a manual, which gives specific instruction for using. Pinch analysis is a methodology for reducing energy consumption of processes by calculating thermodynamically feasible energy targets (or minimum energy consumption) and achieving them by optimizing heat recovery systems, energy supply methods and process operating conditions. It is also known as "process integration", "heat integration", "energy integration" or "pinch technology". Such pinch analysis results in substantial financial savings. According to klimaaktiv and their experience waste heat projects theoretically achieve payback of the investment within 2 to 5 years. The most important influencing factors, which decide about the economic efficiency are operating hours, thermal capacity of the heat flow, possibilities of utilization, heat sources and sinks, temperature level and the media of the flow and ingredients.

Free Pinch Tool for Waste Heat Utilization

Hot and Cold Composite Curve (Source: Manual for Pinch Tool klimaaktiv, 2014)