Power generation from waste heat in Thuringia (Germany)


The factory in Heberndorf (Thuringia, Germany) produces floor ridges and other wood processing equipment. The main part of the wood chips of the production is burnt in a biomass boiler which supplies about 13.000 m² in the factory with heat. In the course of the modernisation of the thermal plant an Organic-Rankine-Cycle (ORC) of the company Dürr Cyplan Ltd. with an electrical capacity of 500 Kilowatt was installed. By the implementation of the ORC power plant the costs of electricity in the factory reduces by 400.000 Euro per year. The return of invest is within four years. Compared with other power generation options one advantage of the ORC plant is that no complex maintenance work - for example oil change or the replacement of seals - is necessary.


Source: Dürr Cyplan Ltd.


Source: Dürr Cyplan Ltd.