RSG Meeting in Güssing


Forschung Burgenland presented preliminary waste heat cadastre to regionals steering Group. Inspiring discussions concerning future strategies and waste heat sources followed.

On 22nd Nov. 2017 Forschung Burgenland organised a meeting for the RSG (regional steering group) of the project CE-HEAT. One of the main outputs of the project CE-HEAT is to develop a waste heat cadastre were all waste heat source in Burgenland are included. Furthermore a toolbox will be developed which will support potential investors concerning decisions about the use of waste heat source.

At the mentioned RSG meeting the first version of the waste heat cadastre Burgenland was presented. At the moment the cadastre includes only some waste heat sources but the integration of further potential sources will follow. After a presentation of the structure and functionalities of the cadastre an inspiring discussion about further potential waste heat sources and the future maintenance of the cadastre followed. The output of this discussion were some promising ideas how to overcome potential barriers and how to run the waste heat cadastre in future.

The waste heat cadastre can be found at GIS Burgenland. For viewing the cadastre a registration is needed at following link:

RSG Meeting in Güssing

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