Pilot project in Vinkovci, Spačva


 The Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar will conduct the tender (June 2018) for co-financing feasibility study in Spačva.

Expected outcomes from the feasibility study:

  • analysis of produced heat energy,
  • flow chart diagram of heat energy with defined useful and waste heat energy (source, quantity, carrier and temperature),
  • technical and economical evaluation of waste heat utilization measures. 



Spačva Ltd; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar


 Spačva Ltd. consists of five factories: sawmill, parquet production, final products factory, veneer factory and bio-fuels factory. The company employs 850 workers, which makes Spačva one of the leading employers, both in Vinkovci and in the county. The sawmill annually, on average, processes 35-40000 cubic meters of raw materials, of which about 80% is Slavonian oak, 10% ash, and the rest are other types of wood. The plant for production of finished wood products, together with parquet production, produces over 400,000 square meters of flooring per year, and veneer factory produces between 8 and 9 million square meters, mostly oak veneer. The bioenergy production capacity is 55.000 tons on annual basis.

 Expected contribution to the CE HEAT project from the pilot:

  • Measuring and calculation of waste heat potential in wood industry;
  • Technical and economical evaluation of the waste heat recovery project.
Pilot project in Vinkovci
Pilot project in Vinkovci