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Centralparks Final Conference

23rd - 24th March 2022 - News

On the 23rd and 24th of March 2022, the Centralparks project held its Final Conference. The Conference was organised in hybrid format: participants could join on-line via Zoom, as well as attend in-person in Wieliczka, Poland.

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Centralparks Scribble Movies Published online!

15th March 2022 - News

Our new videos are out!
The Centralparks team offers to take you on a quick journey, to discover five ways how Centralparks contributes to harmonising biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the Carpathians.

Click here to watch them right now on our Youtube channel!

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The Carpathian Ecosystem Services Toolkit is available online!

15th March 2022 - News

The Carpathians are one of the Europe’s largest biodiversity pools and one of the most intensively exploited mountain ranges.To protect this natural capital, interdisciplinary and international cooperation is needed to accomplish a significant state of ecological networks implementation and Ecosystem Services (ESS) assessment.

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How to educate the next generation to face the environmental challenges ahead?

14th March 2022, Prague (CZ) - Event

More than 550 environmental education experts from around 50 countries, including representatives of Centralparks are coming together in Prague and online this week to participate in the 11th World Environmental Education Congress.

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Project partners unite in the White Carpathians

2nd -3rd March 2022, Strážnice (CZ) - News

The Centralparks team had the chance to meet again in-person as well as online to evaluate the work done and prepare plans for the last month ahead. The partner meeting took place in the beautiful scenery of the town of Strážnice in the White Carpathians with online connection for partners joining remotely.

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Pilot implementation report of the Carpathian Strategy of biodiversity and landscape conservation surrounding Pieniny National Park published!

18th February 2022 - News

We are glad to share that the Pilot action completion report of the "Carpathian strategy for enhancing biodiversity and landscape conservation outside and inside protected areas" in areas adjacent to the Pieniny National Park (Poland) is newly available in Polish language on the national park´s website.

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Register now for the Final Conference

23-24th March, 2022 in Wieliczka (Poland) and online - Event

The Carpathians belong to the most important European eco-regions. Biodiversity loss and increasing pressures threaten its outstanding natural values. Traditional approaches to resource management and nature conservation are no longer sufficient to guarantee long-lasting economic benefits and provision of ecosystem services. Such problems cannot be solved by one country alone and require transnational cooperation.

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Our Carpathian cartoon illustrated posters are available online!

7th February 2022 - News

Check out our newest Carpathian posters! These posters highlight the natural and cultural values of Carpathian protected areas and are sure to make any classroom, library or other wall pop for the upcoming school months!

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Consultations on the draft local strategy for the Magura region

9th December 2021

The representatives of local municipality authorities and Magura National Park administration, other relevant local stakeholders, and Centralparks experts on sustainable tourism met again at the national park education and visitor centre in Krempna (PL).

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12th Meeting of the Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee and CNPA SC meeting

18th - 19th November 2021 - News

From 18th to 19th of November 2021, the Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee and the Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention organized the 12th Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee meeting in Krakow, Poland.

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What does monitoring the needs of the customer in the field of nature tourism look like?

11th November 2021 - News

Customer care, satisfaction and needs monitoring are common activities that we encounter in commercial practice. Even in the case of monitoring the customer's needs in the field of nature tourism, it is about the quality of the experience.

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Workshop on the newly developed Carpathian Ecosystem Services Toolkit

10th November 2021 - News

The State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic and PRONATUR NGO jointly organised a workshop focusing on the Carpathian Ecosystem Services Toolkit, developed within Centralparks.

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Slovak workshop on the Carpathian Ecosystem Services Toolkit

10th November 2021 - Event

The Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic, the State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic and OZ Pronatur are jointly hosting the first Slovak workshop on the Carpathian Ecosystem Services Toolkit (CEST), which will be presented to directly by Slovak experts involved in its creation.

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Workshop on the nature- and culture-based tourism in the region of Gemer, Slovakia

27th October 2021 - Event

The epidemiological situation has been affecting the lives of each of us in and is forcing us to change our way of working and lifestyle to varying degrees. The usual forms of spending free time and holidays have been shaken to their foundations, and instead of exotic destinations, the undiscovered attractions on our doorstep are are gaining a momentum.

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Centralparks partners met in Visegrád

30th September 2021 - Event

After a long-awaited time filled with online discussions, Zoom presentations and workshops in the virtual realm, Centralparks partners were able to meet again physically in Visegrád, Hungary.

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Successful conclusion of the 3rd CNPA conference

28th - 30th September 2021 - Event

From 28-30 September 2021, the Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention, the Carpathian Network of Protected Areas (CNPA) Steering Committee, the ConnectGREEN project consortium, supported by the Centralparks consortium organised the International Conference on “Protected Areas – Cornerstones of Ecological Connectivity in the Carpathians and Beyond“ in Visegrád, Hungary, and virtually.

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Local community workshops in Pieniny National Park

6th - 29th September 2021 - News

A series of 4 workshops under the common title “Strategy for the protection of biological and landscape diversity outside and inside Pieniny National Park”, organized by the Ekopsychology Society*, was held in Łapsze Niżne (6 September 2021), Czorsztyn (20 September 2021), Szczawnica (21 September 2021) and Krościenko nad Dunajcem (29 September 2021).

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Centralparks Training in Poland

22nd - 24th September 2021 - News

The main objective of the training was to raise the capacities, knowledge and skills of Carpathian PA managers and regional nature conservation authorities.

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Meeting of stakeholders of the Carpathian Convention

14th September 2021 - Event

On the 16th of September, the Czech partners of the Centralparks project are organising an important event – the Meeting of Stakeholders of the Carpathian Convention 2021. The gathering will take place from 16th to 17th September in Nová Lhota in the White Carpathians, Czechia.

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How Centralparks uses LiDAR

25th August 2021 - News

The LiDAR survey is a method of the 3D scanning procedures and sensory remote sensing technologies. Here is how and where Centralparks partners use it.

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2nd CNPA Steering Committee Round Table

10th August 2021 - News

On the 19th of July 2021, the 2nd CNPA (Carpathian Network of Protected Areas) Steering Committee Round Table took place. Here are the key updates concerning the Interreg Central Europe Centralparks project and its thematic work package updates that have been shared with the CNPA Steering Committee.

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Closing Carpathian Quiz - announcing the winners!

9th August 2021 - News

From 1st of June to 19th of July, Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE project Centralparks ran an educational Quiz on the Carpathian region. In the last two weeks, the results were finalised and winners – announced. What an excellent digital event this has been!

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Centralparks workshop in Pieniny National Park, Poland

20th July 2021 - News

On 28-30 June 2021, Centralparks ran another successful workshop. This time, it was called “Strategy for the protection of biological and landscape diversity outside and inside Pieniny National Park”.

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2nd CNPA Steering Committee Round Table

19th July 2021 - News

On the 19th of July 2021, the 2nd CNPA (Carpathian Network of Protected Areas) Steering Committee Round Table took place. Here are the key updates concerning the Interreg Central Europe Centralparks project and its thematic work package updates that have been shared with the CNPA Steering Committee.

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Centralparks workshop in Magura National Park, Poland

15th July 2021 - News

On 21-23 June 2021, Centralparks ran a successful workshop in Magura National Park called the “Strategy for the sustainable development of tourism based on the natural and cultural wealth of Magura National Park and its surroundings”. The event took place in Krempna (Poland), and brought together 30 interested participants.


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Discover the Danube today

29th June 2021 - News

Today we commemorate the International Danube Day, one of Europe’s largest river systems. This year the motto is “Discover the Danube”. Read more about the activities that take place on this occasion in your country and in the world.

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Innovative forest state evaluation methodology

9th June 2021 - News

The area of Börzsöny Mountains in Hungary is mostly forested. If one wants to conserve this area efficiently, it is important to understand both the processes and trends within such forested ecosystems.  

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Updates from the 12th WG Biodiversity meeting

7th June 2021 - News

Carpathian ecosystems hold the very last European wilderness areas. These areas are famous for their largest remaining primeval forests and grasslands. Moreover, within such ecosystems, there are over 400 endemic plant and other animal species, that are either extinct or cannot effectively exist in other European regions.

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Celebrate the World Environment Day today

5th June 2021 - News

Every year on 5th of June, we celebrate World Environment Day to highlight the major issues the environment is facing and to encourage action for the protection of the environment worldwide. Over the years, World Environment Day day has raised awareness on urgent issues – from marine pollution and habitat loss, to sustainable consumption and wildlife crime.

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The Carpathian Convention celebrated its 18th anniversary

2nd June 2021 - News

18 years ago, seven countries decided to join forces under an umbrella of an international treaty to work closely together on a sustainable future for the Carpathian region – one of Europe´s last greatest wilderness areas with an exceptional richness of biodiversity. 

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Test your Carpathian Knowledge and win the prize

1st June 2021 - News

Do you know the size of one of the most beautiful recreational and natural areas of Europe? If your answer is either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – because we accept both – do join us in the first ever Carpathian Quiz!

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Grassland state evaluation methodology

27th May 2021 - News

In the administrative area of the Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate in Hungary, there are many diverse grassland types. The key concern of these areas is that they are extensively turning into the shrubs, despite the fact that in the past some of the locations were already treated against such plants. 

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Carpathian Convention WG Biodiversity meetings on 19th and 20th May 2021

19th May 2021 - News

Today and tomorrow, on the 19th and 20th of May, the Twelfth Meeting of the Working Group on Biodiversity (WG Biodiversity) of the Carpathian Convention will take place. Similar to previous year, both meeting days will be held in an online format.

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10th Meeting of the Carpathian Convention Working Group on Sustainable Tourism

4th May 2021 - News

On 15th of April 2021, the 10th Meeting of the Carpathian Convention Working Group on Sustainable Tourism (WG Tourism) took place. The meeting had two key objectives: a) to get updates on the implementation of the Protocol on Sustainable Tourism to the Carpathian Convention (hereinafter the Protocol) in the Carpathian countries and b) to facilitate discussion on further activities of the WG Tourism with the support of the Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Platform (CSTP) and its official Centres

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Join the Youth Video Contest!

23rd April 2021 - News

The Interreg ConnectGREEN project is currently promoting an exciting video contest. By participating in this contest, you can contribute to the awareness raising practices within ConnectGREEN, which is run by partners from five European countries, with an aim to safeguard ecological corridors in the Danube-Carpathian region. If you are passionate about protecting European wildlife, do join us!

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Let’s celebrate this Earth Day together!

22nd April 2021 - News

Some interesting facts about the history of this event as well as some key points around this year's Earth Day.

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Celebrate the World Wildlife Day with us!

3rd March 2021 - Event

Centralparks is inviting you to celebrate World Wildlife Day! On 3rd of March 1973 the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was signed. T

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Mountain Biodiversity Day – join the online event on 13th January

13th January 2021 - Event

Mountains play a key role for biodiversity protection and are essential for the well-being of people. 

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Mid-term evaluation and last partner meeting of the year

17th December 2020 - News

Last week, the Centralparks consortium held its last partnership meeting of the year 2020.

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Interreg boosts biodiversity and Natura 2000 sites across the EU

12th December 2020 - News

Since 1990, Interreg projects have supported nature conservation across the EU. Currently, the Interreg programme is in its fifth cycle focusing on cross-border cooperation in Europe.

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Centralparks contributes to climate change adaptation in the Carpathian Mountains

8th December 2020 - News

In amongst other challenges, the Carpathian Mountains face a threat from the global phenomenon of climate change. A publicationcoordinated by the UN Environment Programme highlights the threats climate change pose to the Carpathian region and the mitigation measures to deal with such threats. 

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Carpathian Network of Protected Areas Steering Committee roundtable meeting: intensifying Carpathian cooperation

2nd December 2020 - News

How can sustainable development and nature conservation be strengthened in the Carpathian region in the long-term? The roundtable meeting of the Steering Committee of the Carpathian Network of Protected Areas (CNPA) aimed to answer this question.

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6th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Carpathian Convention

25th November 2020 - News

The Carpathian Convention is a subregional treaty to foster the sustainable development and the protection of the Carpathian region. It has been signed in May 2003 by seven Carpathian States (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Ukraine). 

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Centralparks at the DaRe to Connect webinar

13th October 2020 - Event

Centralparks was recently presented to stakeholders in Slovakia, in the framework of a webinar about wildlife migration and ecological connectivity.

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Successful webinar on transnational aims to protect Carpathian biodiversity

25th September 2020 - News

On the 25th of September 2020 in course of the EU Green Week, the webinar ‘Green Carpathians’ took place, organised by the project consortium of Interreg CE Centralparks, together with the Interreg DTP projects TransGREENConnectGREEN, the recently launched projects Interreg DTP SaveGREEN and LIFE SwiPE, as well as the Carpathian Convention.

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Webinar about the 'Green Carpathians' on 25 September

25th September 2020 - Event

The registration is now open for the Green Carpathians webinar, held in the framework of the EU Green Week. It will take place on Friday 25 September, from 11am CET! 

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Online Centralparks and CEETO synergy meeting

28th July 2020 - News

On the 28th of July 2020, the Centralparks and CEETO project team representatives held an online synergy meeting. The meeting aimed to discuss outcomes of the CEETO project, to share experiences about tourism in and around protected areas and to search for possible meeting points for future cooperation.

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Guided nature excursions in the Czech Carpathians

Following the introduction of safe preventive anti-epidemic measures in the Czech Republic, the Centralparks partner Education and Information Centre of Bílé Karpaty Mountains (VIS) was able to respond safely to the demand for excursions from the public. 

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Treasures of the Carpathians

6th June 2020 - News

The Carpathians are a centre of biodiversity in Europe. Although they contain a high amount of natural and cultural heritage, the general public still only has a little insight about the often hidden or overlooked beauty of this unique mountain range. 

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Meeting online with the CONNECT2CE project

17th April 2021 - News

On Friday, April 17th 2020, an online synergy meeting was held between partners of projects Centralparks and CONNECT2CE. The aim of this online meeting was to address some of the main aims of CE projects: exchange views, establish partnerships and capitalize on results.

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Centralparks meets online

17th March 2020 - News

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world in a rapid pace and bring serious economic, geopolitical and health impacts. Nevertheless, the Centralparks project team stays connected during the times of physical distancing, and focuses on maximising communication in the virtual realm.

Centralparks at the Carpathian Convention

Centralparks at the Carpathian Convention Working Group on Biodiversity and the Steering Committee of the Carpathian Network of Protected Areas

10th - 11th March 2020 - News

The Centralparks project was introduced to the Carpathian Convention's biodiversity experts and stakeholders at the Carpathian Convention Working Group on Biodiversity and the Steering Committee of the Carpathian Network of Protected Areas.

The Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee welcomes Centralparks

The Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee welcomes Centralparks

12th - 13th December 2019, Budapest (HU) - News

The Centralparks project was introduced to the Carpathian Convention Parties and stakeholders at the 10th meeting of the Carpathian Convention Implementation Committee (CCIC).

Partners prepare for the next steps

Partners prepare for the next steps in the Polish Carpathians

29th - 30th October, Sanok (PL) - News

The two-day Project Partner and Steering Committee meeting of the Centralparks project united partners to evaluate the very first months of the project and jointly plan the next steps.

Youth Green Conference

Centralparks attending the Youth Green Conference

7th - 9th October 2019, Lungau (AT)

 The 3-day Conference hosted approx. 60 young students from Ukrainian and Austrian schools. The event used many innovative ways to address the topics of sustainable transport, environment, the importance of wildlife and protected areas.

EU Week of Regions and Cities

Centralparks at the EU Week of Regions and Cities

7th - 10th October, 2019, Brussels (BE)

Our IVY volunteer Jonas attended the “European Week of Regions and Cities” at the EU headquarters in Brussels.

innovative conservation planning methods

Workshop on innovative conservation planning methods

17th - 19th September 2019, Szokolya (HU)

The workshop focused on the state-of-the-art light detection and ranging tool for monitoring the topography, the species and habitat diversity called LiDAR, together with forest and grassland state evaluation.

Communication Seminar

Joining the Communication Seminar in Budapest

9th September, Budapest (HU)

The Centralparks team was attending the Interreg Central Europe seminar on Communication in Budapest, Hungary.

Carpathian Ecosystem Services Toolkit

The first meeting of the Thematic Transnational Task Force on the Carpathian Ecosystem Services Toolkit

23th July 2019, Bratislava (SK)

This first meeting kickstarted international cooperation and provided time for experts to share local experience, familiarize themselves with their tasks, gather preliminary results and agree upon necessary intermediary steps.

Meeting of the Thematic Transnational Task Force

The first meeting of the Thematic Transnational Task Force on local sustainable tourism development

26th - 28th June 2019, Czerwienne (PL)

The event invited national experts and protected area managers to discuss development of strategy for local sustainable tourism development (based on natural and cultural heritage) in the Carpathians.

Meeting of the Transnational Thematic Task Force

The first meeting of the Transnational Thematic Task Force on communication between protected areas and local communities

24th - 26th June 2019, Czerwienne (PL)

This event offered a platform for Carpathian national experts and protected area managers to start their joint work on developing guidelines on communication between protected areas and local communities in the Carpathians.

Project Implementation Training

Attending the Interreg Central Europe Project Implementation Training

19th June, Vienna (AT)

Project Implementation Training in Vienna offered a great opportunity to learn more about successful project management and finances, as well as to meet other projects with similar topics in the programme.

Thematic Task Force Meeting

The first Transnational Thematic Task Force Meeting on biodiversity and landscape conservation

17th - 18th June 2019, Banská Bystrica (SK)

The two-day event that invited variety of national experts and protected area managers from the Carpathian region to jointly address issues concerning biodiversity and landscape conservation in the Carpathians.

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Centralparks Kick-off Meeting

16th April 2019, Bolzano (IT)

The expert meeting provided a platform for intense knowledge exchange through action plans, strategies and cooperation strategies that will provide guidance for the project.