Solez project activites presented by KORDIS JMK at the think.BDPST Young Leaders’ Forum (YLF) in Budapest.

Focus of the second day of the Young Leaders Forum was the future urban transport.

In this occasion, Květoslav Havlík, Deputy Director and Coordinator of the South Moravian Integrated Public Transport System, presented the SOLEZ project, having participants thinking on how new transport patterns and fashions can be integrated with public transport in the decades ahead.

The panel was followed by a workshop led by Bálint Kádár, lecturer of the Budapest University of Technology and Ecpnomics about the future conflicts in smart cities. After these conflicts were solved, participants had an intense discussion with our good friend, Radim Polcak, Head of Law and Technology Institute at Masaryk Univesity about the legislation and regulation possibilities of autonomous cars.