Stimulart Award was a competition for creative people organized by the five Stimulart cities in each year of project duration.
The focus group and the topic of the competitions vary every year at each location. According to the Stmulart Award manual the first call addresses teens with creative objects linked to their city's identity, the second urges creatives to produce artistic pieces, while the third call focuses on creative services (the order of calls was optional for the partner cities).
Each Stimulart city had three champions at the end of the project and the partnership voted for the ultimate Stimulart Award winner from the pool of local champions. 

                                                                                 Awards of Jászberény (HU)

                                                                           Awards of Naumburg (DE)

                                                                           Awards of Amberg (DE)

                                                                           Awards of Vittorio Veneto (IT)

                                                                           Awards of Kamnik (SLO)