Smart Traffic Management System for the Freeport of Budapest

The Freeport of Budapest Logistics Ltd. (FBL) is managing the site of the Budapest DOCK Logistics and Industrial Park, which is located in the area of the Budapest inland port. The site has a total area of 153 ha, more than 160,000 m2 of warehouses and complex port facilities, such as railroads, quays, bays, and container depots.

At peak season, daily more than 5,000 vehicles enter the port area. Over 70 tenants on the site depend on the efficient management of road traffic arriving at the port, including smart guidance and orientation for foreign drivers. Therefore, FBL decided to develop a state-of-the-art, innovative traffic management system with reliable, high-precision vehicle identification, access control, routing and a port information system.

To specify the exact business needs, on-site consultations, field visits, infrastructure surveys and interviews with tenants were realised. Technical specifications were developed, the map data to be digitised was collected, and visualisations were made for the tasks to be carried out. The DOCK App navigation application for the FBL site as well as the database and management system were developed. Subsequently, the DOCK App was tested, assessed and published by FBL. For those who have not downloaded the App, on-site navigation is available with the smart LED screens and the InfoPoint.

Key tenants were closely involved in the implementation of the pilot action, in order to better understand their needs. The platform for system administration was assessed both by FBL and key tenants. During the 6-month assessment phase, interaction options between the traffic management system and tenants were evaluated, and impacts of the system were recorded and evaluated. Lessons learnt and success factors for deliverability were identified to ensure transferability. This allows interested multimodal logistics centres to adopt and to apply a well-developed solution.

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