Work Package 3

Making Key Technologies readily Available to WISEs Employees and Entrepreneurs (Pilot Actions)

The core of WPT3 is to execute and test a modular/flexible ICT Platform using Cloud Computing and open Source services to deliver integrated tools, such as Management support (HR tools, economic and social value-added evaluation tools etc.); Operational utilities (office automation, mail etc.); Process/service delivery support (workflow management, product design, eCommerce platform for commercial or touristic purposes, call centre management); eLearning and Document management. 

In order to reach this main objective, an Action Plan for developing WISEs technological and management competences will build a concrete political and practical roadmap to improve WISE skills and entrepreneurial competences in the long-term. Pilot Actions will apply the innovative technological framework elaborated in Work Package 2. Pilot Actions will demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of innovative technologies studied and applied by the project to the WISE sector. 

The first step is to provide Pilot Application and to demonstrate the applicability of innovative technologies to WISEs sector. There will be five Pilot Applications (two in Italy and one in Poland, Slovenia, Croatia). They will support improvement in knowledge and technological and managerial skills of WISEs’ employees and entrepreneurs.

The final result will be an Innovative Technological Platform providing managerial and technical tools for WISEs. This Platform will provide WISEs with key technologies both managerial and technical (e.g. supporting innovative production processes). Thus, this tool will support WISEs in developing innovative products, services and processes linked to the economic sectors they work in (i.e. waste management, recycling and reuse, sustainable tourism and agriculture). The aim is to create a Platform tailored to actual user needs.