AIR TRITIA Strategies

One of the main outputs of the AIR TRITIA project are air quality management strategies for the 5 towns involved in the project (Ostrava, Opava, Opole, Rybnik and Žilina). Strategies are aimed at increasing the capacities and possibilities of public administration for decision-making and solving air pollution.

The strategies aim was to create air quality management at the level of individual cities and their functional urban areas (FUA), using the AQMS system (Air Quality Management System), which is complemented by specific measures and scenarios created for individual city and it`s FUA. Strategies are formed by three parts: analytical, strategic and implementation. The vision, the global objective, the priority axes and the specific objectives are formulated in the strategic part and they are filled with individual measures. Based on the AQMS system, the impacts of individual measures are evaluated. The selected measures create a scenario that has the greatest impact on air quality in a designated area. Based on the selected scenario, together with the financial capabilities set, an action plan by 2025 was drawn up. Air Quality Strategy, in contrast to other fixed spatial strategies, took into account, that the air is a freely moving component above national borders, therefore integrated approach is necessary.

Experts from organizations involved in the AIR TRITIA project visited individual cities, where in cooperation with political representatives, officials and other stakeholders cooperated on the final version of the analytical parts of the strategies and specified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats through SWOT analysis. Subsequently, joint negotiations have continued to develop the strategic parts.

The individual strategies are in line with the Regional Air Quality Management Strategy, which the project created for the whole territory of the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation TRITIA.


Air Quality Management Strategies for download:

TRITIA region

Towns in TRITIA region