Press release

EfficienCE successfully delivered

Three years passed since a new Central European cooperation project has been kicked off. Read the outcomes of the EfficienCE project in our final press release. 


Press release

Municipality of Bergamo: the energy efficiency plan for public transport infrastructures

As part of the project, the Municipality of Bergamo has developed the Local Action Plan, in collaboration with ATB company and with the non-profit company Redmint


Press release

Action Plan for Energy-efficient PT Infrastructure Deployment in Budapest

BKK finalised its Action Plan for Energy-efficient PT Infrastructure Deployment funded in the EfficienCE Interreg project. The document specifies the decarbonisation process of Budapest’s public transport sector for the 2022-2050 timeframe.


Press release

Podcast "Project EfficienCE - How data takes over transport planning"

Colleagues from the City of Leipzig discussed how transport planning can be designed more effectively while protecting the environment and advancing digitalisation.



We held our last two webinars

We held our last two webinars of the EfficienCE project in the end of June, 2022 in the topics of energy storage solutions and energy management.  


Press release

Opening ceremony of smart fast charging stations in Maribor

The Municipality of Maribor purchased two electric busses and two smart fast charging stations. An official opening ceremony was held on 15th June. 



EfficienCE Final Conference was held in Leipzig

After 3.5 years of successful cooperation, the final conference of the long-term project EfficienCE with 12 project partners from seven Central and Eastern European countries took place on June 10, 2022, in the Design Offices in Leipzig. 



Take a virtual site visit to our pilot areas

A key part of the project is the pilot application of novel energy saving technologies in public transport infrastructure. Read about our pilots and watch the videos about the implementation processes. 



Online Event about the implementation of the EfficienCE pilots

We invite you to join our two online events where the implementation process of our pilots will be introduced and participants can also ask questions from the experts.



Register for the efficience final conference

We are pleased to invite you to our EfficienCE final conference, taking place in Leipzig June 10, 2022, where we will present you our project results. 



Plans for more green energy in the trolleybus grid in Gdynia

To increase the share of renewable energy in PKT grid the investment still awaiting implementation is a photovoltaic power plant to be placed on the roofed parking spaces of the trolleybus depot.



Open Call to hardware and solutions providers to present their products on the EfficienCE Toolkit marketplace

An open marketplace, fostering the exchange of new technologies and pieces of equipment, was prepared within the EfficienCE project.



Magyar CIVINET and INTERREG EfficienCE joint event on electromobility

On 24 March 2022, Magyar CIVINET and the INTERREG CE EfficienCE project held a joint on-site meeting in Pécs (Hungary). The one-day event titled „The new directions in electromobility” ended with a site visit to the bus depot.



E-course on energy-efficient Public Transport infrastructure technologies deployment

The project is organising an online course on energy-efficient public transport infrastructure technologies deployment. E-course registration is available here.



Application of Traction Supply System for Charging Electric Cars

The development of electromobility involves the development of electric cars charging infrastructure. The analysis, prepared by the colleagues of Gdansk University of Technology, discusses four options of integrating electric cars chargers with a traction power supply system.



Compensation of Voltage Drops in Trolleybus Supply System Using Battery-Based Buffer Station

An analysis was prepared about the results of a trial operation of a battery-based buffer station supporting a selected section of trolleybus power supply systems in Pilsen.