#1 Energy planning and energy transition

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Videointroduction on the topic by Manfred Hotwagner

Energy planning and energy transition
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energy planning CB3

EU framework. The EU Green Deal and the climate energy targets for 2030 and 2050

The Saxony-Anhalt energy plan

How to read and show complexity with Sankey diagrams

How to compare energy action plans. An evaluation method proposal

C-Track50 project and Territory tool

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energy scenario assessment CB4

Multi criteria planning methodology to decarbonize energy systems

Hydrogen strategy as action to decarbonize the land of Saxony-Anhalt

Scenario assessment. Tools and best practice from an alpine community in Italy

Scenario Assessment. Croatian Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan

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regional outcomes CB5

PLENARY SESSION of Get Ready to 2050 - webinar series
How regions can reach carbon neutrality: different approaches to regional energy planning (slides 40-49)
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National Energy Management Information System in Croatia

Regional energy observatory set up

Energy datasets for local authorities in Piemonte region

Example of a virtual power plant in the Wawer district-Warsaw

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Multi Criteria planning tool for industrial sites (see videoregistration)

Regional Data collection/systematization methodology (see videoregistration)

Inventory of individual heat sources in Mazovia Voivodeship

From Turin Energy Observatory to the Piemont Environmental and Energy Plan (see videoregistration)

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